Estonica is a web encyclopaedia created and supplemented by the Estonian Institute. Its aim is to offer a compact and systematic overview of Estonian society, culture, history, nature, education, science, state administration, economy and the relations between these fields. Estonica was created in 2000, and has been gradually updated. A major renewal is currently underway.

The texts published in Estonica have been written by experts in their respective field, mostly illustrated by archive materials and the works of professional photographs. Estonica attempts to introduce Estonia and help visitors to orientate in the local cultural space.

Estonica consists of two levels:
  • Longer main articles, divided into seven fields (history, society, culture, state, economy, education, science and nature). Within one field, these articles can be read successively – the last chapter of each article is followed by a new article.

  • Keyword articles that supplement the field articles. These are not located in the field tree, but can be found via links or search. The section of Estonian history of the 20th century has been extended most comprehensively. Keyword articles include short explanations of terms, longer treatises and articles about individual people.

All texts are illustrated by photographs, drawings, maps, audio and video files, some of which are gathered in galleries enabling more visual presentation.

Estonica tries to satisfy the demands of different users, both at home and abroad. The Estonian-language version is primarily meant for schoolchildren and teachers for compiling, supplementing and illustrating the study materials. Texts published in Estonica can be freely copied and used for non-commercial purposes according to the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence. The usage of illustrations may be restricted, a note to that effect marks the illustrations. When using texts and illustrations as source material, we kindly ask you to refer to Estonica. In case of public presentation of an exact Estonica version in web environment, on paper or in some other manner, we ask you to inform the Estonian Institute.

You are welcome to comment on the web page by feedback form. The relevant link is always on the right upper corner of the page.

Enjoy surfing the Estonica!