Table of Contents

  • The highway crossing of Estonian film

    In the 1990s, Estonian film-makers faced the same kind of choices as film-makers in other countries: Whether to be profound or popular, original or conventional ...
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  • Feature film

    Although films were produced in Estonia as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the systematic production of feature films really started after the ...
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  • Documentary film

    Documentaries have not had the need to pander to the expectations of the public. After the former economic system collapsed, several phenomena were revealed that ...
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  • Animation

    Although animation is usually considered a somewhat remote branch of film, it is nevertheless one of the most intensively cultivated cinematographic specialities in Estonia. Due ...
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  • Estonian film A.D. 2000

    Despite clear signs of a crisis, 26 feature films were produced in the 1990s. Quite a few of those films could attract wider interest, if ...
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