Finnish, Danish and Swedish volunteers in the Estonian War of Independence

​Some volunteer military units from abroad also fought in the Estonian War of Independence under the leadership of the Estonian armed forces. The majority, about 3500 volunteers, came from Finland, and were divided into two regiments (in spring 1919 the Estonian armed forces had about 75 000 men). The Finnish volunteers had an excellent fighting spirit, but the most significant role for the Finns was the positive moral effect that their arrival had on the Estonian army and society. In March and April 1919 the volunteers gradually returned to Finland, having lost about 150 men.

About 209 volunteers arrived from Denmark (most of them in April 1919), and they formed one company, which was very efficient but just too small to make a significant contribution to the War of Independence. In September, when their contract ended, the Danes went home, having lost 19 men.

In February 1919, the Swedes also formed a unit of their volunteers, about 300 men (some of them were Estonian Swedes). In May the unit was disbanded, because its fighting capacity was very low. The Swedes had by that time lost a few men.

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