Estonica’s developers have tried to make the website and its structure as easy to use and follow as possible, but perhaps some instruction would not be amiss.

Estonica consists of articles and the additional media files (pictures, maps, sound and video files, and media galleries formed of them).

The articles in turn are divided into two groups – main articles and keyword articles.

The main articles are located in one of the seven fields (history, society, culture, state, economy, education, science and nature). These can be read within a field as consecutive narrative, following the links at the bottom of the page or using the menu left of the text. The strip under the header helps to navigate between different fields. If necessary, all field articles are also accessible on the sitemap.

Keyword articles and media files supplement the general treatments of the fields. You can reach them by following the links or using search.

You are welcome to comment on the web page by feedback form. The relevant link is always on the right upper corner of the page.

Enjoy surfing the Estonica!

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