1850–1914. National awakening

Table of Contents

  • National awakening

    The development of Estonia in the second half of the 19th century is characterised by general modernisation; the reorganising of a static agrarian society into ...
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  • Russification period

    To oppose the ever-increasing demands of the right for self-determination voiced by the ethnic minorities in the Russian Empire, Russian nationalism in the second half ...
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  • Emergence of parties and the 1905 revolution

    The modernisation processes of Estonian society continued in the early 20th century — industrialisation and urbanisation, increase in production and consumption, the use of technological innovations ...
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  • The post-revolutionary situation and World War I (1907-–1917)

    The defeat of the revolution was followed by general reactionary onslaught; the previous promises and freedoms were cancelled. On 3 June 1907, the oppositional II ...
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