Narva agreement

Estonian-Soviet agreement dictated by the Soviet Union in order to invade the Republic of Estonia in 1940
At 8 in the morning of 17 June 1940, General Johan Laidoner, commander in chief of the Estonian Armed Forces, and General Kirill Meretskov, head of the Leningrad Military District, signed an agreement in Narva. The special protocol with elements of capitulation was demanded by the Soviet Union, allowing the Red Army troops the legal right to enter the territory of the Republic of Estonia, take over important military sites, establish their own headquarters anywhere, place their military staff at telephone exchanges, build airfields and organise the provision of supplies. The Estonian side was forced to gather weapons from the entire population within 48 hours, which resulted in disarming the Defence League. The aim of the protocol was supposedly the wish of the Soviet Union to prove that Estonia was occupied lawfully. According to specialists in international law the protocol was null and void because the Red Army troops entered Estonia two hours before it was signed, and at the same time Soviet warships blockaded the Estonian coast.

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