Table of Contents

  • Alutaguse Lowland

    On the western bank of the Narva River, in the Mustjõgi River catchment area in the east and south-east of the Pandivere Upland lies an ...
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  • Alutaguse forests and mire systems

    Alutaguse is one of the most untouched and densely forested corners of Estonia, similar in appearance to the taiga. Swamp, mire, and dry boreal forests ...
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  • Waters

    The western edge of the Alutaguse region extends up to the eastern foot of the Pandivere Upland. The latter is characterised by a belt of ...
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  • Settlement

    Human inhabitation is relatively recent and sparse in the Alutaguse region. The main prehistoric features are barrow complexes made of sand, which point to the ...
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