Central Estonia

Table of Contents

  • Plains and drumlin fields

    The landscapes of plains and drumlin fields of Central Estonia, located immediately to the south of the Pandivere Upland, form a southern extension of Watershed-Estonia ...
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  • The large drumlins and lakes of Vooremaa

    The Vooremaa landscape region is one of the most unique areas in Estonia, being one of the few areas in Europe where classical large drumlins ...
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  • Fresh boreo-nemoral forests and cultural landscapes of Vooremaa

    Vooremaa provided favourable conditions for the development of species-rich boreo-nemoral broad-leaved forests during the Atlantic climate period. Under the lush vegetation and on the chemically ...
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  • Türi drumlins

    To the south of the Pandivere Upland, the relief of Central Estonia displays numerous drumlin-like elevations and ridges known as small drumlins. In Kõrvemaa these ...
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  • Endla Basin

    In the central part of Watershed-Estonia, at the southern foot of the Pandivere Upland there is a small landscape unit sharply different from the surrounding ...
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