Industrial landscapes in Northeast Estonia

Table of Contents

  • Natural resources and the oil shale mining

    Oil shale mining and related power plants and chemical factories have altered vast areas in Northeast Estonia, including eastern parts of the North-Estonian Coastal Plain ...
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  • Mining: the impact on the landscape

    Although underground mining does not damage the Earth's surface rapidly, its long-term impact restricts land use and human activities in the mined areas. Underground ...
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  • Solid waste heaps

    On the flat landscape of Northeast Estonia, several kinds of man-made land forms occur: cone-shaped solid waste dumps and plateaus, ash plateaus and black semi-coke ...
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  • Pannjärve and Vasavere

    The Kurtna Kame Field is an environmental conflict area, close to the border of a landscape protection area and the largest, sand pit Pannjärve. High-quality ...
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  • The metallurgy factory and former uranium mine in Sillamäe

    The Soviet Union started uranium mining and production in the top secret industrial town of Sillamäe in 1947. From 1947–1952, 270 000 tons of ...
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  • The present and future environmental situation in Northeast Estonia

    The mining and energy industry in Northeast Estonia have polluted and continue to pollute the environment. The pollution load has decreased, as a result of ...
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