Location and natural conditions

Table of Contents

  • Location

    Estonia is a small country. Its area (45 227 km²) is similar to that of The Netherlands yet the population is ten times smaller (1 ...
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  • Climate

    Estonia is located in the northwestern part of the East-European Plain, i.e. within a transition zone from maritime to continental climate. The main factor ...
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  • Topography

    As a part of the East European Plain, Estonia is a flat territory, where uplands and plateau-like areas alternate with lowlands, depressions and valleys. These ...
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  • The Quaternary cover and soil cover

    The Quaternary cover largely determines the features the outlook of Estonian landscapes. It is the primary origin of the soil cover and an important factor ...
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  • The hydrographic network

    The climate conditions and relief of the region have caused formation of numerous small inland water bodies in the territory of Estonia. Annual precipitation here ...
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