Uplands and depressions of South Estonia

Table of Contents

  • The relief forms of glacial origin

    The characteristic big relief forms of South Estonia are accumulative uplands of uneven surface, and depressions and vales separating them. Hillocky relief was formed during ...
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  • The Haanja Upland

    The Haanja Upland is the most ‘mountainous’ area of Estonia. It is situated in southeastern Estonia and extends to Latvia in the south and to ...
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  • Landscape mosaic

    The Haanja Upland is an area of extremely diverse nature; besides uneven relief there are numerous water bodies, plenty of forests and a heterogeneus network ...
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  • Soils of erosion areas

    The soils of South Estonian uplands vary greatly. This has been caused by rapid alteration of sediments of different size and origin (gravel, sand, varved ...
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  • The Otepää Upland

    The Otepää Upland with its highly varied hillocky relief rises more than 100 metres above the surrounding plains. It was formed of sediments accumulated mostly ...
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  • The Karula Upland

    The Karula Upland (350 km2) borders on the Otepää Upland. They are divided from each other only by the Valga and Hargla depressions, the Karula ...
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