West-Estonian plains

Table of Contents

  • West-Estonian lowlands

    West Estonia is a low (predominantly less than 20 m above sea level) and flat area encompassing approximately one fifth of the territory of Estonia ...
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  • Till shores, coastal dunes, and varved clay plains

    The West-Estonian Lowland has been called Terra Maritima — Land on the Sea, since the sea was the most important factor in the development of the ...
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  • Wooded meadows

    The vegetation of the West-Estonian plains is characterised by an abundance of meadows and wooded meadows, peatlands, floodplains and reedbeds. The area is several thousand ...
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  • Coastal meadows

    Coastal meadows are flat and low, regularly grazed stretches of coast covered with herbs and grasses and directly influenced by saline sea water. The vegetation ...
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  • Migratory birds and the Matsalu Nature Reserve

    Estonia is an important roosting area for migratory waterfowl. The majority of waterfowl breeding in Arctic tundras fly along the Baltic Sea coasts during their ...
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