Problems facing Estonia

Table of Contents

  • The westernisation of Estonian society

    The restoration of Estonian independence in 1991 marked the beginning of a new, political and economic era which was accompanied by significant, social changes. Collectively ...
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  • Re-shaping of the economy, and its impact

    During the early-1990s, little was done in Estonia to retain the economic structure which characterised the Soviet era. Large-scale manufacturing operations which had been centrally-controlled ...
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  • Unemployment and social problems

    Unemployment was a new phenomenon to which people had to become accustomed. Unknown in Soviet times, it became commonplace in the early 1990s. Unemployment grew ...
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  • Social stratification

    One result of political and economic restructuring in Estonia during the 1990s, was the intensification of social stratification. Though it has always existed, in every ...
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  • Educational stratification

    Restructuring the Estonian economy and re-orientating it towards science-based manufacturing has also necessitated changes in the provision of education. For this reason, in the 1990s ...
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  • Demographic problems

    During the 1990s, Estonia’s demographic situation deteriorated. It suffered a decline in its population of about 200,000, caused by a low birth rate ...
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