Provisional Government

​In the evening of 24 February 1918 the Salvation Committee issued a statement revealing the members of the Estonian provisional Government. It was a broad-based coalition government headed by Konstantin Päts. The government could work only for a few days and was then forced underground under the pressure of the German occupying forces.

The Provisional Government was able to resume normal work on 11 November 1918. As several ministers had been arrested, were in exile or had gone missing, the Council of Elders of the Provincial Assembly announced a new government on 12 November, in which Jaan Poska acted as prime minister.

When the political situation normalised, the Provincial Assembly appointed the third Provisional Government on 27 November. Konstantin Päts was again elected as head of government. He had the support of all Estonian parties, except Bolsheviks and Essers. On 9 May 1919 the Provisional Government was replaced by the first regular government of the Republic of Estonia, confirmed by the Constituent Assembly.

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