Table of Contents

  • First settlers in Estonia, and today

    ​Archaeological finds prove that people inhabited the current territory of Estonia at least 11 000 years ago. In the course of the last 800 years ...
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  • Composition of the population

    ​The first settlers in the Estonian territory had Europid features and arrived in Estonia as the continental ice receded from the eastern part of Central ...
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  • Family and birth of children

    ​Although in many countries the number of desired children has diminished in recent years, the desire to have children in Estonia has remained relatively stable ...
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  • Life expectancy and health

    ​The average life expectancy of Estonian people, especially men, is considerably shorter than in most European Union countries. Within the European Union, the average life ...
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  • Emigration and immigration

    ​The current Estonian population was drastically influenced by the post-World War II intensive immigration, and for Estonian citizens, the opening of borders, which brought about ...
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