The Chancellor of Justice as an Examiner of Constitutionality

​The legislative acts that are examined by the Chancellor of Justice include laws passed by the Riigikogu, decree laws by the President of the Republic, decrees by ministers and decrees by local governments.

​To enable the Chancellor of Justice to examine whether acts are in agreement with the constitution, he/she receives copies of all legislative acts by the legislative and executive state authorities and local governments, all international agreements that have not come into force, and all verdicts of constitutional trials in the Supreme Court. The Chancellor of Justice checks their congruity with the constitution and laws in the form of re-examination.

​In recent years, the Chancellor of Justice has especially focused attention on providing a legal basis for legislative acts and the accordance between legal acts and the principles and intentions of the constitution. Also, laws and decrees that restrict the rights and freedoms of individuals or assign obligations to them have received particular interest. The Chancellor of Justice also observes national reviews, questions of responsibility, and how effectively procedural norms assure lawfulness and administrative competence.

​As the Chancellor of Justice examines constitutionality, everyone has a right to turn to him/her when necessary to check accordance between laws or other legal acts and the constitution and existing laws.

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