Sub-contracting in the big, wide world

Table of Contents

  • From the Singing Revolution to the EU and NATO

    The return to capitalism
    The Estonian economy, and companies operating in Estonia, have undergone major changes since the decades of strict, economic regulation. To everyone ...
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  • Challenges of the 21st century: low labour costs?

    Two, most important issues which will determine the economic future of Estonia are low labour rates and the contribution of sub-contracting. Matters of east-west trade ...
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  • Challenges of the 21st century: development

    Goodwill alone is not enough to permit access for a product to a global market. Not only must prices be competitive, but a supplier must ...
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  • An ageing population

    In the coming decades, Estonian society’s wellbeing will be increasingly influenced by a rise in the average age of its population. The ratio of ...
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