Taola books

In 1982—1988 the Buddhist Brotherhood published the series of books - The Eight Sacred Dharma Symbols

They translated more than 20 of the voluminous number of available books and articles from English, Russian, German, French and Finnish. They also copied, bound and printed more than 40 books which were published and circulated secretly, passed from hand to hand. These books were presented to the public for the first time at an exhibition in the City Museum in 2008, in Tallinn.

“The Cult of Tara” by Stephen Beyer; California 1973
“Tibet, Its History, Religion and People” by Thubten Jigma Norbu
“Essentials of Modern Literary Tibetan” by Melvyn Goldstein. Illinois 1973
“The Hundred Parables Sutra”; by S. Gurevitsh, Moskva 1986
“The Chariot for Travelling the Supreme Path” Kunkhyab Chuling; Vancouver, 1976
“Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion. Asvagosha” (Skt: Gurupancashika;) Geše Ngawang Dhargey
“Psycho-Cosmic Symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa” by A. Govinda
“Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism” by A. Govinda
“101 Zen Stories”; Philadelphia 1934
“Essence of Tantra. The Commentary by HH XIV Dalai Lama on Tsonkhapa 'Agrim'” London 1977
“The Tibetan Book of the Dead I-II (Bardo Thötröl),” Psychological commentary by G. Jung
“Freedom From The Known” by J. Krishnamurti
“A Buddhist Catechism. According to the Canon of the Southern Church” by Henry Olcott
“The Light of Asia” by Edwin Arnold
“Essays on the life of Buddhist monasteries and the Buddhist clergy in Mongolia 1887” by Pozdneyev
Dozens of Sutras: the Dharmachakra pravartana sutra (excerpt), Samjuttanikaja sutra, Amitayus sutra, The Visualisation of Amitabha sutra, Golden Rule Sutra (excerpts), The Sutra of the True State of Mind, Shariputra and two Monsters etc.

Collection of Articles:
“The Teachings of Tibetan Tantrism” Garma C. Chang
“Introduction to Yuganaddha. The Tantric view of life” H.V. Guenther
“Buddhism in Tibet and Mongolia” B. Vladimirtsov
“The History of Tibetan Buddhism” Lobsang Jivaka
“Four important points in Zen” Garma C. Chang
“Zen-meditation” D.T. Suzuki
“The Essence of Dharma” Sangharaktshita
“A Living Buddhism for the West” Angarika Govinda
“Tibetan Chronicle”

Additional copies made:
“Tibetan-Russian-English dictionary” J. N. Roerich
“The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Chinese Book of Life” by Richard Wilhelm, C.
“Lamaism in Tibet” B. Ghosh
“Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious” K. Holtzmeyer, Tartu 1934
“Mongolian Grammar” I. Shmidt, St. Petersburg 1832
“Prophet” Kahlil Gibran
“Human beings and Societies” Erich Fromm, Tartu 1973
“Training the Mind” Tai Situ Rinpoche
“The Cult of Tara” Stephen Beyer, California 1973
“The Tantric View of Life” Herbert Guenther, London 1972
“Taoist Yoga Alchemy & Immortality” Charles Luk, London 1972
“Treasures on the Tibetan Middle Way” Herbert Guenther, Leiden 1969
“The Buddhist Philosophy of Thought” A. Piatigorsky, Curzon Press
“The Lamp for the Path and Commentary of Atisha” R. Sherburne, London 1983
“The Navya-Nyaya Doctrine of Negotiation” B.K. Matilal, Cambridge 1968
“Pantshatantra” A. Sõrkina. Moskva 1962
“Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology” Tsepak Rigdzin, Dharamsala 1986
“The Land of the Lama” David Macdonald, London 1929
“An Introduction to the Grammar of the Tibetan Language” S. Chandra Das, Darjeeling 1915
“Tantric Practice in Nyingma” Khetsun Sangpo / J. Hopkins, New York 1982
“Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon” Berriadale Keith, Oxford 1928
“Himalayan Art” Madanjeet Singh and UNESCO, 1971
“Buddhist Logic” F.T. Stcherbatsky, New York 1962
“Tibetski jazyk” J.N. Roerich, Moskva 1961
“The Buddhist Cosmology” O. Kovalevski, Kaasan 1837
“Tibetan Reader 4” - stories in Tibetan
“Sinhalese Doorways” C.E. Godakumbura, UNESCO 1982
“Madhyanta-Vibhanga. Vasubandhu and Sthiramati” from Sanskrit Th. Stcherbatsky, Moskva 1936
“Vajradhatu” collection of articles by Chogyam Trungpa, Dilgo Khyentse and Ösel Tenzin
“The Letters of the Living Dead” Elsa Barker
“Sören Kirkegaard” E. Salumaa, Tartu 1939
“Dao-De-Džing (Tao-Te-King)” A. Wesley, Tallinn 1937
“Introduction to the Philosophy” W. Jerusalem, Tallinn 1922
“How to Believe the Horoscope” F. Feerhov
“World Astrology” Otto Pöllner
“Astrology” Wilhelm Bekker
“Initiation in Ancient Egypt by the Toth book”. V. von Üxküll
“Knowledge of the Higher Worlds” R. Steiner, Tallinn 1930

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