The state order of Estonia in its historical development

Table of Contents

  • From the Baltic Landesstaat to the Diet of Estonia (1721 - 1917)

    Many factors influenced the birth and development of Estonian statehood, factors such as its earlier history, the prevailing legal order, the activities of the Estonian ...
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  • Manifest of Independence and election of the Constituent Assembly

    On 24th February 1918, the Salvation Committee of Estonia, which was exercising an executive function on the authorisation of the Diet of Estonia, issued a ...
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  • The first Constitution of the Republic of Estonia (1920 - 1933)

    The first Constitution of Estonia which was adopted on 15th June 1920, and entered into force on 21st December 1920, established the state order of ...
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  • The second Constitution of the Republic of Estonia (1934 -1937) and the coup d’etat of 1934.

    The Estonian form of democracy was proving to be unworkable, and Estonian citizens were becoming increasingly dismayed by the democratic process. At the same time ...
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  • The third Constitution of the Republic of Estonia (de facto 1938 - 1940, de jure 1938 - 1992).

    The third Constitution of the Republic of Estonia entered into force on 1st January 1938. It remained in force, de facto, until 16th June 1940 ...
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  • Restoration of independence and the fourth Constitution (1992 -… )

    Although Soviet-type, state order remained in effect until the summer of 1992, in its later stages, it faced many challenges. On 16th November 1988, for ...
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